a picture of a nanny with two small childrenDo you have a dream of being a nanny?

Do you love being around children and enjoy the challenges and successes working as nanny can bring?

I’ll tell you that I do! I have been working as a nanny for the past 8 years and with children for the past 10 years and I wont lie, it isn’t all happy, smiley faces 24/7 but I do love the hustle and bustle that comes with working as a nanny within private family homes and the close relationships that I build with each family that I work with. I enjoy this so much because I thrive from watching children grow and learn.

Daily routines

I usually wake up between 6am and 8 am depending on the day. I always set my alarm 15 minutes earlier so I can prepare myself before going to the children for the morning’s routine. I always make sure I’ve planned the night before! For example, what the children will wear and I will make sure that I have packed their bag if they are heading off to school so that I can focus on getting them fed and dressed without rushing around.

After getting up, we all head downstairs and have breakfast in our PJ’s because let’s face it, this is the morning and we are going to be dressed all day!  (Also saves getting clothes dirty with jam and milk!). After breakfast, they get dressed and head for some quiet time, reading or playing quiet games, whilst their breakfasts settle before heading to school for the older child. I then put the younger children in the pram and walk the older child to school, it’s a 15 minute, gentle and easy walk and then it’s back home to clean up after breakfast and prepare for the day with younger children.

I split the day between playing with the younger children and completing nursery duties during nap/quiet time. I help launder the children’s clothes, tidy their areas, re stock babies items, clean children’s areas, prepare their schedule, sterilise bottles (if used) and keep an eye on the fridge, after all hungry mouths are angry mouths!

After lunch, I take the younger children to the park to play games and/or go to infant groups depending on the day, before collecting the older child from school. Once home, it’s time for dinner, complete any homework given, playtime, and downtime before bath and bed!

Between 6 pm and 8pm, the parents come home and spend time with their children before putting them into the bath and bed. I clean up after dinner and then I head off to my apartment, where I relax until the next day!

The ups

I love it when we have a really good day, everyone’s happy, everyone’s doing as they are told and the whole day just runs smoothly. The children sleep well and learn new skills such as walking or swimming or even completing that puzzle they struggled so hard with last week. I love seeing children having fun, laughing and giggling with me, building a strong relationship as we spend together.

The downs

But …  of course like every job, there are the downs too. Some days can go horribly wrong, children won’t listen, nothing syncs with one other, maybe it’s been a long day and all I want to do is lie down in bed. Of course, it’s perfectly normal to feel like this, since I am human after all. But the thing that makes the downs worth it, is accepting that the good days come with the bad bits too!

Written by Amy: Amy is a British Nanny and Governess with a Background in Childcare and Social Work. She is currently working with a team of Nannies as a Special Needs Governess.