Nanny & Butler is a London, Rome and Paris based Nanny Agency. With our extensive experience in the childcare sector and in the bilingual education field, we can help you in finding the best bilingual candidate for your children. We provide:

Bilingual Nannies

Bilingual nannies offer your children the precious gift of a second language, that is a real advantage in life. Nanny & Butler is unique in providing nannies for families who offer their children this amazing gift. Plus, a bilingual nanny is likely well versed in the culture where the language is prevalent and can share customs and traditions of that culture with the children in addition to the language. We provide:

We are also able to provide nannies speaking different languages based on your specific needs. Our bilingual consultants are trained professionals and mothers them self, really passionate about bilingual education for children and speak Italian, English, French, Russian and Spanish. We are able to fulfill all your staff requirements providing you with the utmost in professional and personal service.

Bilingual Governesses

Bilingual governesses are native or fluent speaker of two or more languages, they are employed to teach, tutor and train children in a private household, they concentrate on teaching children, focused on their educational needs and on their social development. Our bilingual governesses are native or fluent in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian languages. They usually teach children a second language and a musical instrument.
We provide British and bilingual governesses for our clients based in London, Rome, Milan, Dubai, Paris, Monaco and overseas. Our governesses are highly demanded within high profile households like Saudi Royal families, Emirati Royal families and Qatari Royal families, or VIP and high profile families living in Moscow, Paris, Geneva, Monaco and others where parents prefer to educate their children privately rather than send them to boarding schools. Only governesses with recognized teaching diplomas are recruited and presented to our clients.

Bilingual Tutors

Private bilingual tutors can offer a number of benefits for your children, they have a strong teaching background and are able to raise levels of school performance and help with children’s confidence, enjoyment and motivation in a particular subject. Private tutoring on a one-to-one basis is the most productive way to learn. Tutors act as personal teachers for the children, they travel with the family on vacation or to a new living location. Your children will fulfill their academic potential in each specific subject and will benefit from educational activities.

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