Consultancy for relocation/multiple staff

Nanny & Butler are pleased to pioneer a unique consultancy package for its worldwide clientele, using our highly experienced private household recruitment executives, they will work with you to recruit your household staff in one or more locations. We have the opportunity to send you the leading private staff professionals to your home to access your needs and visit your other properties to ascertain the number of staff to ensure your household runs smoothly.

We offer a full complement of staff to include Household Managers, Butlers, Private PA’s, Chefs and Childcare staff such as Maternity Nurses, Nannies and Governesses.
As Nanny & Butler works worldwide this is the perfect opportunity to have all your staffing needs met by an agency that you can trust.

Please contact the agency to arrange one of our consultants to discuss your requirements

In-house Training Programme

Nanny & Butler is so passionate about knowledgeable and highly trained staff, we have our own academy. We offer unique training throughout the private household sectors so you can rest assured that if you need your existing or new members of staff training, then they will achieve this through our training program.

We are currently scheduling courses to include:

  • Royal protocol
  • First aid at work
  • Pediatric first aid
  • Nanny/PA
  • Private PA
  • Cultural awareness

Surrogacy Support

Nanny & Butler are pleased to offer a bespoke surrogacy support consultancy service supporting families who are using the service of a surrogate and need nursery and childcare support. We are proud to be able to offer specially trained staff to assist throughout the process, from communication with your donor and/or surrogate and chosen agency, to providing Maternity Nurses, Maternity Nannies and Nannies who understand your specific needs.

Our staff are trained by leading industry professionals who have experienced the process and can answer any of the questions they might have to ensure you have the support and confidence you need during the journey.

Please contact the agency to arrange an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

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