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Top Tips For Hiring a Governess or Tutor

Do you need a Governess or a Tutor? Thinking about a Tutor or Governess to help your family, find out below the benefits, and our top tips for success. Education plays an integral role in your child’s life. Children start their formal schooling years in the year that they turn 5 and this will continue right [...]

Relocation services in London for expats

Relocating in another country can be very stressful without ensuring the right infrastructure and connections in place to guide you through the process. If you are looking to relocate in London, our sister company, Sigillus, can assist you from A to Z through a complete relocation service that will allow you to have peace of [...]

Security safety- our top tips!

  We all like to think we are keeping ourselves as safe as possible whether we are at home, travelling abroad, with our family, children or alone. Most of us would believe that we make safe choices about our daily conduct but is there anything else you can do to ensure that those youngsters in [...]

Which pre-school options are best for your child?

There will come a time in your child’s life when it’s time to start thinking about your child’s education outside of the family home. If you use a child-minder or nanny, you may be considering which pre-school to send your child to once they reach 2/3 years of age Children of all ages can benefit from [...]

What makes a good nanny agency?

When it comes to finding a nanny, there are various ways to go about it. But by far the most efficient and safe way is to use a reputable nanny agency such as Nanny&Butler who can assist you in finding the right nanny for you and your family. However how do you know that the agency [...]

Changing seasons

Not all children can adapt instantly and effortlessly to the changing seasons that we all experience throughout the year. Most children thrive on routine as this helps them to understand the world in which they live in and it can take a period of adjustment for them to adapt. So let see how we can [...]

Benefits of hiring a Nanny

When it comes to childcare, how do you decide if hiring a nanny is the best option for your child? Let's look at the what the benefits are of hiring a nanny would be for you and your family. What will a nanny do for you and your family? Nannies come with a wealth of [...]

Do I need insurance for my nanny?

Many families may consider hiring a nanny to care for their children in the family home, and with this comes the responsibility of making sure the nanny is the right fit for your family and will care for the children in the best possible way. Families who decide to hire a nanny will have to [...]

Remember, remember, the 5th of November

Bonfire night is something we all look forward to each year and it’s a great way to remember an important part of British history. Fireworks can be fun, and I’m sure there are many of us who have fond memories of standing around a hot bonfire on a crisp November night eating toffee apples. As [...]

Tips on how to survive the school holidays stress free

So the children break up from school, and all of a sudden parents and carers are faced with children who need entertaining to ensure a calm but stimulating environment. We all know that when children break from their usual routine, they feel free and are ready to enjoy their holidays to the maximum! This can [...]

Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Any expat mum or dad will not want their mobile lifestyle to impede the growth of their child. Comparing the options and selecting a school is always a stressful affair. After all, in a foreign land, what would you know about the education system and the school offerings? Well, before you go further, you have [...]

What Benefits Do Nannies Get??

  Nannies, like any other worker get certain benefits when they take up an employment contract in a private family home. Nannies need to have a contract which sets out their terms and conditions of employment. Nannies will also have access to pensions, holidays, sick leave and other certain benefits that we will discuss further [...]

Teaching English in Rome

‘Is this a purple apple?’ I ask with a straight face. The Italian two year olds fall over backwards giggling hysterically. ‘No!!! Red Apple!!’ they tell me emphatically. ‘This is a blue banana,’ I try. Back down they go their laughter contagious. ‘Yellow banana!’ they want me to know. A minute later we’re all up on [...]

What Makes a Good Nanny?

So you’ve looked into childcare options and you’ve decided that a nanny will work best for you and your family, but how do you know what makes a good nanny and how will know that the nanny you have chosen will work the best for you? The most important aspect to look at when hiring [...]

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