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When parents are searching for their next nanny, they often look at hiring a British Nanny for various reasons that will suit their requirements and needs.


The British accent and language

British nannies are in high demand for the first and most important reason, their native command of the English language. European, Middle Eastern and Russian families in particular who want to raise their children to be bilingual view the British accent as one that comes with prestige and ties to the Royal family. This is valued and respected by many families around the world, and will seek out a British nanny for this reason.

The British accent is viewed as being clear and easy to understand, which can make it easy for children to learn, whose first language is not English.


Training and education

Training is held in high regard in Britain and whilst not every nanny will have a qualification, most do or are beginning to study for one, as there is a strong emphasis on training and learning best practice.

There are various training centers and courses that allow nannies to become competently trained in all aspects of childcare. It is for this reason that families trust that nannies will know how to care for their children in a safe and stimulating way.

Nannies who achieve a qualification and experience, feel more ready and equipped to help children reach their milestones and work with families in the most effective way. Families, therefore have the reassurance that the British nanny they hire will come with a source of information and readiness to care for their children.


Health and safety

Britain has high health and safety requirements and requires all childcare workers to attend a first aid course. Nanny agencies in the UK will check that nannies have attended a first aid course and have been police checked. Parents are subsequently reassured that nannies are safe to be with their children and are equipped to deal with first aid situations.


British etiquette

British etiquette is in high demand and families require their British nannies to teach their children correct manners and conduct. Families want children to speak English properly, behave properly and have positive conduct throughout their upbringing.


Preparing children for British schools

Some families will want to send their children to a British school either in the UK or abroad and will need their children to have the correct level of English and preparation, which will allow them to be successful in their chosen educational setting.  British nannies can assist children to be ready for the school environment by using their own knowledge and experience in early years care.

For all the reasons discussed, British nannies are in high demand all over the world and families are constantly requesting the British nanny to come and work in their house and help raise their children, trusting that they their children will be in safe, stimulating and careful hands.

Written by Amy: Amy is a British Nanny and Governess with a Background in Childcare and Social Work. She is currently working with a team of Nannies as a Special Needs Governess.