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Teaching English in Rome

‘Is this a purple apple?’ I ask with a straight face. The Italian two year olds fall over backwards giggling hysterically. ‘No!!! Red Apple!!’ they tell me emphatically. ‘This is a blue banana,’ I try. Back down they go their laughter contagious. ‘Yellow banana!’ they want me to know. A minute later we’re all up on [...]

A Day in the life of a Nanny

Do you have a dream of being a nanny? Do you love being around children and enjoy the challenges and successes working as nanny can bring? I’ll tell you that I do! I have been working as a nanny for the past 8 years and with children for the past 10 years and I wont [...]

Little Barefoot Chefs

Often, Super Nannies, Super Mommies, and Super Daddies, are left in a quandary as to how to get their precious little ones to eat healthy and be excited about it.  After all, wouldn’t it be fabulous if children came into this world possessing the innate desire to eat the right food?  Well, if one starts [...]


People often say to me ‘I do not know how you do your job I could never do it’! Truth, be told I absolutely love my job- no day is ever the same- of course there are good days and bad days. However, the good ones often out way those bad ones. Being a Nanny and [...]


Facebook is the ultimate social networking tool, not only for your personal life but also for work too. There are so many groups you can join depending on what you do, and it makes it so much easier to find a job and meet new friends in the area. Once upon a time, if a [...]


Having worked as a Nanny in places like London, Paris, Milan and Moscow, I thought I had seen my fair share of amazing places, but arriving in Switzerland was such a different experience. It is so different to every other country I have been to, so pretty, so clean, so “in order”. The grass is [...]


Getting The Job I imagine every nanny, including myself, has been in this position at some point. You have signed up to the agency, been interviewed by them, a family has shown interest in your profile and now they want to meet you so you're preparing yourself mentally for your trial. Of course, you want [...]


I had a magical four years in Italy and it all began one night in Brisbane awake at 2am unable to sleep. I was kept awake googling a thought on combining exploration of Europe and my love of working with children and I decided to join an agency to find a Nanny job. I chose Italy and [...]


Sometimes it is hard to know what parents expect of you when you apply for a position as a nanny. All families are different and not all positions will be the same. However, there are a few things that all parents seem to have in common when choosing someone to care for their children. Here [...]


Chances are if you have made it to the interview stage, the family already like your profile and now they want to get to know you as a person. A nanny candidate can look fantastic on paper with his or her qualifications and experience but most parents will want to meet the person who is [...]

Working As A Nanny Abroad

Work abroad! Nannies are in high demand all around the world, as families are looking not only have someone looking after their children, but to also expose them to people from other cultures and ones who speak another language. Working as a Nanny abroad can be a very exciting experience and can open you up [...]

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