The Very Best Maternity Nurses For You

Nanny and Butler has several years experience in placing the highest calibre of maternity nurses with families. We take our role seriously and we are committed to ensuring you get the very best maternity nurse for you and your expanding family. We understand that your new baby joining the household is an exciting time and one which can be demanding so we specialise in providing only the highest quality, professional candidates for the care of your newborn.

Your maternity nurse will come and join you once you have left hospital with your baby and she will be on hand to guide you through the early weeks. She will typically stay for around 4-12 weeks and provides 24 hour care, 5-6 days a week. She will generally sleep in with the baby and do all of the night wakings; sleeping when the baby sleeps.

She will advise on both breast and bottle feeding and establishing a secure routine.

A Daily Maternity Nurse is experienced and knowledgeable. Maternity nurses are there to provide the mother with a sense of security during those physically and mentally exhausting first few weeks after childbirth, providing guidance and support in all areas of baby care. They can teach, support and guide parents on how to best care for their new baby. The Daily Maternity Nurse is responsible for keeping all the baby’s bottles clean and sterilized. Bathing your baby or teaching you how to bathe your baby. They will settle your baby or teach you how to settle your baby. They will support your preference of breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or combination feeding. The Daily Maternity Nurse will change and clean all baby’s laundry.

Choosing the Perfect Maternity Nurse

Our experienced London and Rome based consultants will take the time to fully understand what your requirements are in a maternity nurse. Once we have a good feel for your family we will draw up a shortlist of candidates for the role and guide you through the selection process.
We can also help you to create a list of questions to ask at the interview stage to ensure that we provide the right match for you and your family. Once you have chosen your maternity nurse we will give ongoing support to check that everything is working out as planned.

A Truly Bespoke Service

Our candidates are top qualified, trustworthy and have been pre screened personally by us. We do initial interviews with maternity nurses to ensure they are a good match for your family before sending you a list of candidates. We can also help you prepare for your interview with the candidate and are at hand to help you make the right selection based on interview answers and feedback.

Our invaluable checks include: Work History, Credible References, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Psychological Profiling

Full time Maternity Nurse 24 h

A full time Maternity Nurse, also known as Baby Nurse or Post Natal Carer, are qualified nurses or/and highly- trained nannies with extensive newborn experience. They will teach you how to take care of your baby, building your confidence as parents and providing you with the support you will need. Whether you opt for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a structured or more flexible routine or something in the middle, a Maternity Nurse will support your personal choices.

The main responsibilities of a private Maternity Nurse involve:

  • care for your newborn baby
  • organize a fully and workable routine with the family to create an ideal environment
  • setting up sleeping patterns and caring for the baby through out the night
  • supervise and keep tidy the baby’s room
  • support and encouragement with breast feeding
  • ensure full safety and hygiene around the baby at all times
  • day-to-day laundry for the baby

Private Maternity Nurses are on call for 24 hours a day, they are expected to work 5 or 6 days a week. Full time Maternity Nurses have a wealth of experience to offer to you as parents and they are a great source of help and advice, not only about the development and well being of the baby, but also that of the mother. All candidates will have an up to date Pediatric First Aid certificate and an Enhanced DBS disclosure. Generally most of them will have qualifications such as the MNT or NEST certificates.

Night Maternity Nurses

A Night Maternity Nurse will arrive at 8pm/9pm and leave at 7am/8am. Our night nurses will come into your home and will take responsibility for your baby and help your baby to sleep through the night. They are there to assist you with all duties relating to your newborn, assist you with the feeding whether that is breast or bottle, help with implementing routine, teaching first time parents to care for their baby or freeing up your time to spend with your family.

Daily Maternity Nurses

Daily Maternity Nurse is the ideal solution for families looking for support with their newborn but who do not have space or do not wish to have someone living in in their home. A Daily Maternity Nurse usually works 8-12 hours per day with some flexibility. A Daily Maternity Nurse carries out all duties relating to the new born. This includes feeding or assisting you with feeding the baby. The Daily Maternity Nurse shouldn’t be expected to look after other siblings as they are there primarily for the care of mother and baby, unless additional arrangements are agreed prior to commencement of the booking.

Our Daily Maternity Nurses are thoroughly reference checked. Many are qualified having completed certificates and workshops on professional baby care. All our Daily Maternity Nurses have a current Pediatric First Aid certificate and clear DBS.

Twins & Triplet Maternity Nurse

Nanny & Butler has a selection of specialist Twins or Triplet Maternity Nurses who have experience with multiple births and can support and assist you with the needs of your new borns. Our Maternity Nurses can solve problems in your new twins or triplets, helping you to identify and solve problems that can occur, as an example:

  • Uneven sleeping rhythms
  • Reverse cycling, when babies are more awake during the day than the night
  • Lactose intolerance, an allergy to milk sugar
  • Constipation
  • GERD, a particularly bad form of acid reflux that causes severe distress on feeding
  • Lower birth weight, that needs frequent feeding, almost every 2 hrs 24 hrs a day

Maternity Nurse Salary Guide

Staring salaries are £ 250 net per day and upwards to £ 400+ net per day in accordance to qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired. Room and board (or separate accommodation) to be provided by the family.

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