What is a Rota Nanny?

Rota nannies work in a Rota system with other nannies. It means that they are taking turns to work. One nanny works while the other nanny is off and then it rotates. Usually one nanny works for 7 days and then she rests for 7 days, but they are cases of nannies working 10 consecutive days and then having 10 days off, or doing 14 days in and 14 off. It really depends on the family requirements.

Rota nannies are required to work 24/7 when on duty, it means that they have to be available 24 hours a day, but of course they need time to sleep so they will find this time when the bay/child is sleeping.

Our Rota nannies usually work for Royal families, Celebrities and high profile families or on Super Yachts as Super Yacht Nannies. The families that hire Rota nannies require continuous care for their children and they are willing to pay very high salaries in order to hire the best nannies available.

Rota Nanny

Rota Nanny Duties

  • Full nursery duties
  • Organising educational and fun activities
  • Establishing a good sleep routine for the baby/child
  • Supervising meal times
  • Implementing and ensuring good table manners
  • Reinforcing appropriate discipline
  • Supervising the bathing and dressing for the children
  • Meeting the children’s needs
  • On call 24/7

Rota Nanny London, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Dubai

Our high profile families living in Greater London, specifically in Belgravia, South Kensington, Mayfair, Hampstead, Knightsbridge and Chelsea, often require the services of Rota Nannies in order to be fully covered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We provide International Rota Nannies also in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Moscow, Monaco, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Miami, Switzerland and China. A Rota Nanny is essential to provide continuous and high standard childcare in all those busy households where the parents have an intense social life and extensive travels, and they want to ensure the best type of education and care for their children.

Rota Nanny Rates

These are dependent on the experience of the nanny, the working routine and the country where she will work. As a general guideline, a Rota nanny will receive a salary from £800 net per week to £1,800 net per week.

At Nanny and Butler we dedicate ourselves to finding the right Rota nanny to join your household. From the initial meeting, to sending through potential CVs and following up after the interview, our knowledgeable, experienced consultants will work hard on your behalf. Our bespoke childcare agency offers a range of candidates and we will work with you, answering all calls and emails promptly, to allow you to stay in control of the process and make decisions at your own pace.

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