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Our Tutors are highly qualified and will help to prepare students for entrance and national exams. Nanny & Butler Private Tutors are particularly capable with 7/8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level and IB. Our tutors provide rigorous and thoughtful support to students ahead of public exams, they have a positive effect on children’s academic confidence and children are better prepared to succeed academically. For many years, our Tutors have successfully supported students with pre-tests and entrance exams at the UK’s most competitive schools such as Eton, Harrow, St Paul’s Girls, St Paul’s Boys, City of London, Westminster, etc.

private tutor london

Nanny & Butler Tutors choose five subject levels that they predominantly teach so that they can build up profound subject expertise. Our Tutors are dedicated professionals with proven track records in the UK’s most competitive entrance and national exams. They help their students to perform at their best, building long-term academic resilience and life-long intellectual curiosity. We also have a number of ex- or part-time Teachers amongst our ranks, the combination of their teaching experience and subject knowledge enables teachers to be highly effective in the one-to-one environment.

The students of Nanny & Butler Tutors will reach their full potential and will have the best chance of success in this competitive world.


£40+ for a one hour lesson, depending on experience

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Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee