Easter is just around the corner so if your thinking of some Easter themed Arts and Crafts to do with the kids during the next few weeks then look no further! Here are 6 activities that you can do that won’t cost you much and you can recycle things from your own home.



This is such an easy Easter activity because you have almost everything already!

Next time you finish your toilet roll, don’t throw the inside out! The tube can be used for lots of fantastic arts and crafts like these bunnies.  I conserve all of ours in a box along with cerial boxes that can be used for cardboard if you don’t have any.

Use it whole for a tall bunny or cut it in half for little bunnies. Have the kids paint it brown, then if they’re old enough have them cut out some ears and paint those too. (If you have a little one like I do then I do the cutting and he does the painting and pasting)

If you have some googly eyes just stick them in place, and if not, you can also paint them on, along with the whiskers and nose.




The kids will love running around the house wearing these Easter Bunny Masks. All you need is a paper plate, some cardboard to cut the Bunny ears, some cotton wool and a bit of string or elastic!

Have the kids cut out the bunny ears and paste on some cotton wool. Then tape or glue them to a paper plate and draw on the face and whiskers. Cut out the eyes and staple some elastic on the sides and you have a cute Easter Bunny Mask!




These are a great gift for the grandparents, or an excellent keepsake. Cut out an egg shape, then trace your child’s hand and cut it out to form the wings of a chicken. Add some eyes, a beak and some feet. It looks like a lot of effort but It’s so easy! I did one for my 7 month old, of course he can’t do any cutting, but having his hands prints on a craft means I can keep it and look back at how tiny his little hands were.




Who doesn’t love decorating Easter Eggs. The kids can get as creative as they like with this one. You can use anything you have in the house, from old buttons, to coloured cotton wool (which you can make by dipping the cotton wool in water with food dye then letting it dry) Pipecleaners are great as you can twist them around, but also if you don’t have much then you can just cut up paper into different shapes and stick it on.





This would have to be one of my favourite Easter Activities and they are super easy to make!

Firstly you need to hard boil some eggs, as many as you want to make. Then have the kids draw on them with crayons creating any design they wish.

Once they have finished, fill some little bowls with waterand different coloured food dye and dip the eggs in. The egg will colour but where the kids have drawn with the crayons you will see their design. Leave them to dry and you can put them in a basket to decorate the house, or use them when you have an Easter Egg hunt if you prefer not to use chocolate eggs.


This Easter Activity requires a bit more effort and is better for older kids or if you can help you can do it with your toddler.

Firstly, blow up a balloon. Then make some paper mache

I usually make it as follows:

Ingredients: 2 cups of water, 2 cups of flour, 1 tablespoon of salt.


1.Mix it all ingredients together, you want it to be a smooth batter but most likely there will be a few lumps so don’t worry about them

2.Cut some strips of newspaper, dip them in the batter and cover the balloon in multiple layers.

3.Leave it to dry and prepare your decorations.

4.Before decorating cut a small hole in the top, pop the balloon and half fill it will goodies such as lollies, wrapped chocolates, or other little toys.

5.Decorate. You can decorate it however you like, you can paint it or cover with ruffelled paper like this one which is just long strips of paper cut and stuck around the balloon.

6.Once its dry and ready to go, hang it outside and have the kids hit it with a stick until it breaks and all of the goodies fall out of it. It’s a great game for all ages!


Written by Kacey: Kacey is a mother of 2 bilingual children who has previously worked as a Nanny and Governess in many high profile families.