Our Nannies are responsible for:

  • Whether the applicant is on the Protection of Children Act List and has therefore been banned from working with children in a childcare role.
  • All nursery duties. This includes cooking, cleaning and laundry, but only for the children
  • Physical care of the children
  • Supporting and providing activities for the development of the children
  • Providing well balanced and nutritious meals
  • Cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom, playroom
  • Cleaning and laundering the children’s clothes and toys
  • Responsibility for cleaning and maintaining household equipment relating to the care of the children
  • Taking children to playgroup, nursery, school and on outings appropriate to their age
  • Preparing for special occasions such as birthday parties
  • Caring for children when they are sick and administering medicine(s)
  • Traveling with the children and preparing for holidays, weekend visits, etc
  • Communicating with parents on all aspects of the care of their children
  • Discussion with parents relating to time on and off duty, nursery expenses, transport, babysitting
  • Cleaning and tidying the accommodation provided for the nanny

Other duties can be negotiated in each nanny contract.

Nanny Professional Responsibilities
Our nannies shall act at all times in such a manner as to justify trust and confidence and behave in a manner which reflects our values of professionalism and respect in all areas of their work. Every nanny will need to:

  • Ensure the physical and emotional care and educational needs of all children are met to the highest standards and ensure the safety and well-being of all children with whom they work.
  • Strive to provide the very best experiences for children in their formative years, motivating them and inspiring them to succeed.
  • Respect confidential details obtained in the course of professional practice and refrain from disclosing such information without the consent of the employer, except where disclosure is required by law or by the order of a court or is necessary in the interests of the child.
  • Recognize the central role of families in a child’s life and respect the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of families and children.

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