Mamàs Argentinas Amsterdam meet up!Three years ago, a day like any other, an Argentinian mother had an idea, creating a Facebook group as a liaison for Argentinian mothers that were raising their children abroad.

The idea was to share experiences, advices, recipes, songs, games, memories from childhood, in short to do all that could help us transmitting to our children our culture and our tradition. The result? A group of more than 1000 Argentinian mums living all over the world that day after day are there, in front of their laptop, fighting against distance, helping each other and sharing.

Thanks to this group, beautiful friendships were born and to celebrate these virtual friendships, another idea saw the light of day: to meet in a city for a week-end. We are already at the third summit, as we called these reunions. The first one was in Rome, the second one in Barcelona. The third summit in Amsterdam concluded last Sunday with the attendance of sixty seven mums from fourteen countries in three different continents. A true demonstration of how being a mother truly changes you but mostly how it connects you with persons that even though you haven’t met personally, you already feel close. You feel therefore the need to leave partners and children to travel miles away from home to hug them for the first time but with the certainty that you know them already.

Two days that change you, make you grow up but that mostly show you how beautiful is to be a mother. After thousand hugs, kisses and tears we are again at work to decide where the next meeting will be, in which we will celebrate these beautiful friendships and more than everything the joy of being a mother.

To be continued….