NANNY & BUTLER MATERNITY SOLUTIONSWhether you are a first time parent or welcoming another child,  Nanny & Butler’s Maternity Nurses will offer guidance and support to the whole family helping to ensure an enjoyable and special time for you and your baby. The job of our Maternity Nurses is to establish a good feeding and sleep routine and teach mum all she needs to know about her new baby, giving her the reassurance and knowledge she needs.

Our Maternity Nurses will assist in the care of the baby 24hrs a day in all aspects including helping and advising with breast or bottle feeding, bathing and hygiene of the baby and introducing a good sleep routine. It can be extremely helpful to have a Maternity Nurse after a caesarean so that you can recover from the operation.

When you are interviewing a Maternity Nurse always find out their views about bottle vs. breast-feeding and ask what sort of routine they like to encourage and make sure you are happy about them before making a booking. Just keep in mind that a good Maternity Nurse usually likes to see the baby before starting on any routine, it means that they look at each child as an individual. A good Maternity Nurse is sensitive, self-contained, discreet and unobtrusive, she knows exactly what to do with baby but she will never be bossy; she is calm, happy and a pleasure to be around. She will leave you with very happy and contented little babies.

Our Maternity Nurses will be there to ensure that the mother is well rested at all times. They are thoroughly reference checked.

We offer the following solutions:

Full Time Maternity Nurses 24 Hour
A full time Maternity Nurse, also known as Baby Nurse or Post Natal Carer, are qualified nurses or/and highly- trained nannies with extensive newborn experience. They will teach you how to take care of your baby, building your confidence as parents and providing you with the support you will need. Whether you opt for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a structured or more flexible routine or something in the middle, a Maternity Nurse will support your personal choices. A full time Maternity nurse will work 24hrs and live in for a couple of days, weeks, or even months depending on your needs.

Night Maternity Nurses
A Night Maternity Nurse will arrive at 8pm/9pm and leave at 7am/8am. Our night nurses will come into your home and will take responsibility for your baby and help your baby to sleep through the night. They are there to assist you with all duties relating to your newborn, assist you with the feeding whether that is breast or bottle, help with implementing routine, teaching first time parents to care for their baby. Night Maternity Nurses will implement a routine to help your child sleep through the night and teach new mothers how to continue after they leave.

Daily Maternity Nurse
A Daily Maternity Nurse usually works 8-12 hours per day with some flexibility. They carry out all duties relating to the new born. This includes feeding or assisting you with feeding the baby. A Daily Maternity Nurse is the ideal solution for families looking for support with their newborn but who do not have space or do not wish to have someone living in in their home. They are responsible for keeping all the baby’s bottles clean and sterilized, bathing your baby or teaching you how to bathe your baby. They will settle your baby or teach you how to settle your baby.
Twins or Triplet Maternity Nurse
Nanny & Butler has a selection of specialist Twins or Triplet Maternity Nurses who have experience with multiple births and can support and assist you with the needs of your new borns.
Twins and triplets are more likely to be born prematurely and spend time in neonatal care, where they’re used to being touched and nursed frequently. They may miss this contact and find it hard to settle when they come home. Having twins is definitely a double dose of joy, but parents of twins or triplets will admit that it is not easy. There are definitely some challenges when you have twins. Coping with two babies is harder than coping with just one, so it may take you longer to get into a routine that suits you. That’s why a Maternity Nurse with Multiple Birth Experience could be a great asset for your family and she could build your confidence as parents by teaching you and providing you with the support and advice you will need to introduce new babies into your lives.

Sleep Consultant
Nanny & Butler provides Sleep Consultants who have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a child’s sleep cycle. They understand the importance of establishing a good bedtime routine. Teaching your child how to sleep through the night isn’t just important for your child’s health, it’s critical for the parents’ health as well.
Our sleep consultants will provide you with a plan and routine that fits in with your lifestyle that is easily manageable. They will also provide you with follow up support.
A Sleep Consultant generally provides a 4 hours consultation, which is usually followed with 3 or 5 nights of sleep training. This is usually a sufficient amount of time to establish a good sleep routine.

Postnatal Trouble Shooting Consultants
Nanny & Butler Postnatal Troubleshooter Consultants help new parents with sleeping, feeding or any newborn or child issue. They can offer uniquely tailored consultation packages to help with problems such as: Feeding, Routine, Sleeping, Postpartum Depression, Food Issues, Tantrums, Potty Training, Discipline, Bullying and children’s self confidence, etc. They provide assistance to families who are looking for extra help with all of the above issues and family challenges.
The consultancy packages are tailored to meet a family’s very unique and individual needs when all else seems to fail. We will design a package that will suit your individual needs and give you all the cover you require.

Please notice that most maternity nurses are booked up months in advance, don’t leave it until the last minute. If you are desperate it is possible to get last minute bookings, please contact us today and ask for an ’emergency’ nurse.