NANNY OF THE MONTH JULY – ALLY Summer means holidays! So exciting… Lot’s of our nannies are looking for positions during the holidays and when school starts back. We have a fantastic Nanny of the Month for July!

Ally is a British nanny in her late 20’s who has a Degree in Early Childhood Studies. Originally wanting to work as a Primary School Teacher she embarked on a post graduate course and started working as a teaching assistant. Soon after, she decided her true passion was to become a nanny or governess within private families.
With over 10 years experience working with children from babies, to toddlers, to older children and teens, Ally has worked in a variety of settings which include Summer Camps in the USA and Schools and Private families in the UK. She loves working with babies, aiding in their emotional and physical development, and also enjoys working one on one with older children helping with homework, organising arts and crafts and creating a special bond with those she works with.
Ally has a passion for sports, she plays tennis, is a strong swimmer, and is a regular at the gym. She is fit, loves hiking and running, has run a marathon and half marathon. She makes the most of sunny days by taking the children she works with outside to play sports, go for walks, and enjoy the fresh air.
Ally is a creative person. Photography, travel, and cooking are just a couple of her hobbies, she enjoys being taking photos and has often made photo diaries for the parents of the children she works with which have made her quite popular. On cold and rainy days Ally loves to engage the children in baking cakes and biscuits together
Working in private families, Ally realises that no family is the same and she is able to adjust to each child’s needs. She realises that what works on one child may not work on another in terms of teaching methods and dicipline and likes to work together with the parents to find a method that works.
Ally is on the look out for an exciting new full time live in position anywhere in Europe. She is happy to work with babies, toddlers, or older children and is flexible on location and hours.