These days there are so many options when it comes to childcare and it can get a bit overwhelming. The importance of quality childcare in the first years of your child’s life is high on the agenda for any mum as this is when their brain develops the most. It’s not just about choosing childcare, it’s also about choosing the person, or people who will shape your child’s future.

As a mother, and also as someone who has worked both in a Nursery, and as a Private Nanny myself previously, I think having a nanny for your children is a fantastic option for many reasons:

One to One Care

Hiring a nanny means that your child (or children) will have the full attention of your child carer. They are a single attachment figure for them and it’s easier for them to adjust. They won’t have different caregivers each day, or each week, they will have the same one for as long as you employ them for. Also, there aren’t 20 or so other kids running around causing chaos fighting for attention. If your child is tired, sick, or just needs an extra cuddle, there is no need for them to compete with others for some affection.

Nannies offer Flexibility

Whilst day care centres usually follow fixed schedules that leave little room for last minute changes in a parent’s routine, a Nanny is usually flexible and there are no other children to work around besides yours. There is no rush to get your kids up and ready in the morning so you can get to work on time and there’s no rush to pick them up in the evening when the Nursery is closing. You can set the nanny’s working hours to suit your needs. When I worked as a Nanny I often worked early mornings or late evening and even sometimes on weekends depending on the parents schedules.

No need to stay home when your child is sick

If your child has a fever, you can’t (and probably wouldn’t want to) send him to Nursery sick, where as your Nanny can look after a sick child, and she can give him the extra care he needs until he is better.

Usually it is at the Nursery where they have picked up the sickness anyway, especially in winter, where kids have snotty noses and re-occurring coughs. I saw first-hand working in a Nursery how germs are quickly spread from one toy to another and from one child to another and the cycle just went on and on.

Your child is card for in your own home

There’s no need to pack bags in the morning, no need to pack lunch or snacks, no need to get them in the car and drive them somewhere else. Your nanny will either come to you, or if she lives-in, she will already be there. Knowing that your child is being cared for in his own home, with his own toys, and his own bed, has got to be comforting!

A nanny doesn’t just look after your children 

She can help out around the house too, tidying up your little one’s things, helping out with their laundry, cooking their meals etc. This is a big bonus!

Your children can learn another language

With the many benefits of being bilingual, having a Nanny is a great way for your children to learn a second language in a natural way through playing and talking. No need to send your children for lessons for an hour or so per week where they will only learn a small amount over a long period. Having a Nanny care for your child, speaking to him in her native language can give your children such an advantage, and save you loads of money in the long run!

There are so many reasons I think that having a Nanny is beneficial for your children, I could go on and on really. I have seen first-hand what a difference they can make in a child’s life!

Written by Chontelle Bonfiglio