NANNY OF THE MONTH – APRIL 2015 This month we have a fantastic Multilingual Nanny / Governess from Canada who is looking for a new position in worldwide.

Tasha is a qualified, fun & energetic teacher based in Asia. She has extensive experience teaching & looking after children and teens of all ages, including those with special educational needs. Her experience expands beyond working in traditional classrooms to formal households & the great outdoors.

In addition to her Bachelor of Education she also holds an English Teaching Diploma and speaks fluently English and French, with conversational Mandarin and Basic Russian.

Tasha possesses a passion for life and learning and loves to pass this on to her students, preferring to employ a holistic approach to education. She motivates her student’s to do their best and extend their own personal limits. She believes that by expanding on previous knowledge and exploring new, uncharted territory, students increase their career opportunities and personal goals greatly while having fun.

Horseback riding, camping, nature, animals, and the countryside are just some of the things that Tasha grew up with, she and is an active outdoors and sports enthusiast. She has a great passion and respect for wildlife & nature, strongly believing that there is much to be learned outside the classroom and home. Some of her favourite hobbies include yoga, martial arts, running, cooking, reading, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures & traveling.

Tasha is organized and focused, she varies her teaching styles to incorporate diverse activities and material to interest those she works with. She has patience, empathy, compassion, and dedication. She loves working with children and families from culturally diverse backgrounds. Having worked with children of all ages in a variety of settings including the classroom, and within a family environment, she has the ability to adapt well to change. All of these attributes, along with her ability to work and thrive in a non-English speaking environment make her a fantastic asset to any family.

Tasha is looking for a long term governess role with a separate accommodation, preferably with school aged children who would benefit from her teaching skills love of learning, languages, and the outdoors. She will consider relocating anywhere for the right family. She is also open to any temporary positions worldwide, and has total flexibility on hours and accommodation.