NANNY OF THE MONTH – FEBRUARY 2015We are excited to announce our Nanny of the Month for February

Brittany is a Canadian Nanny based in the Middle East looking for a challenging new position as a Nanny or Governess. In addition to her two university degrees – one in education, and the other in philosophy – She is also qualified to teach English and French and she has experience working with the UK curriculum.

Brittany has a decade of varied work experience. She has worked as a Nanny, Governess, Tutor and Teacher in diverse settings all around the world with children as young as babies, toddlers, older children, and teenagers. She has also volunteered in places such as Nepal and Thailand, and has taught piano, figure skating, and given swimming lessons.

Brittany has several hobbies which include reading, writing, the outdoors, cycling, swimming, music, yoga, cooking, animals, crafts, dancing, sports, and travel.  Despite her sense of fun and play, she is a responsible, mature, and organized employee who always seeks to give 110% at work.  She is a passionate lifelong learner, and her energy and zest are easily passed on to the children she works with.  She always seeks to complement formal lessons with educational field trips and extra-curricular activities.

Brittany is looking for a long term role as a nanny or governess for school-aged children who can benefit from her homework help, love of field trips and extra-curricular activities, and language skills. Her ideal location is the Middle East (with a strong preference for the United Arab Emirates), with separate accommodation so that her husband can relocate with her.

She is also open to any temporary position around the world, and has complete flexibility on hours and accommodation in such situation.


“I’ve always loved to learn.  That’s why I completed two university degrees. That’s why I’ve spent the last year traveling the world with my husband.  And, above all, that’s why I work with kids – because there is no other situation in which I learn more than from teaching children.

”To teach is to learn twice.” – Joseph Joubert – Perhaps you, dear parent, will allow me to “learn twice” with your children?”