NANNY OF THE MONTH – MARCH 2015March is here and it is the start of Spring! Here is our new Nanny of the Month!

Melissa is an enthusiastic American who possesses a European flair! She is looking for a new and exciting opportunity where she can utilise her skills. Melissa holds a BA in Art History, speaks Fluent Spanish, and some conversational French. She possesses experience with High Profile, HNI, Celebrity, and Ambassador’s families.  With 20 years experience caring for newborns, toddlers, and young children, in a range of settings including as a Nanny, Volunteer, and Care Giver to her own young siblings, her experiences have always been positive and exciting.

Melissa is highly discrete and respectful of family time and the Mother’s time with her child and or children. She is very adaptable and a quick study. Her previous family’s have described her as bright, intelligent, highly creative and a joy to work with.

Melissa’s interests include, gourmet cooking, cooking and baking with children, swimming, outdoor activities, reading, catering, entertaining, painting, traveling, and the arts.  Melissa possesses an abundance of knowledge when it comes to art, including creative and imaginative paintings with children.  She cloves taking the children she cares for to visit museums, both art and science, as she feels these visits make the children more culturally aware.  Melissa prides herself on her appearance and the appearance of the children she cares for.

Melissa loves adventure and is up for any travel at any time with the little ones! She is extremely flexible, and will make your holidays enjoying and relaxing while taking great care of your children.

Melissa is seeking a full-time live in Nanny position, she is willing to relocate to any place in order to serve the valuable and worthwhile experience of that of being a nanny.

Perhaps Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis summed up child care the best, when she stated, “if you bungle raising children, I do not think whatever else you do in life, matters very much”.