A Gamekeeper works in private estates and is responsible for the upkeep of animals bred for hunting and fishing.


  • experience of working outdoors
  • good knowledge of the countryside
  • certificates and qualifications from training centres or schools such as Northern School of Game and Wildlife or Elmwood Campus of Scotland’s Rural College
  • flexibility, patience, self-discipline, good observation
  • understanding of working with animals and the natural environment


  • advising and guiding hunting or fishing parties
  • assisting in hunt logistics, advising on effective hunting and fishing techniques
  • preparing, breeding, training and caring for hounds
  • preparing hunting equipment
  • repairing and maintaining related equipment and buildings
  • maintaining and managing hunting grounds to favour growth and health of game
  • preparing and maintaining hunting grounds
  • managing recruitment of beaters, runners and other assistants for the hunt
  • recording figures from hunts and fishing parties
  • protecting the grounds from vermin, scavengers and poachers
  • liaising with security and police forces to protect the grounds from criminal activity

Gamekeeper Salary Guide

The salary for a Gamekeeper goes from 20k to 25k gross ​a year, depending on the experience and qualifications, eventually plus tips and some benefits such as pickup truck, clothing allowance, dog allowance, house, cartridges/bullets paid for, estate guns and estate rifles.

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