What makes a good repuatble nanny agency?

When it comes to finding a nanny, there are various ways to go about it. But by far the most efficient and safe way is to use a reputable nanny agency such as Nanny&Butler who can assist you in finding the right nanny for you and your family.

However how do you know that the agency you are using is a well respected and a trust-worthy one? Let’s look at some aspects that help make a good nanny agency.

What is a nanny agency?

For families

A nanny agency is an agency that can help families to find the right nanny for them. A nanny agency interviews potential clients and completes checks such as first aid, police checks, reference and character checks, qualification and employment history and criminal records bureau (in UK). A nanny agency will do this either in person or by Skype depending on where the agency and perspective client live.

Once a potential nanny has been interviewed, the agency will complete the aforementioned checks and the nanny will be registered to the agency providing the checks are positive. Once the nanny is registered and live on the agency website, any interested nannies can apply for positions and the agency will forward the application to the family in question. The family can then make a decision about whether to pursue the interested applicant.


For nannies

A nanny agency can help you register on their site so that you can find and apply for positions that come available. The nanny agency will interview you and complete checks as mentioned in the family section. Once you have been checked, you will be placed on their database where you can apply for nanny positions. Once you apply for a position, you will be put in contact with the family if you are suitable for them. Once this stage has been reached, the agency will work with the family to arrange a meeting, and a contract will be drawn up, if successful.

What can an agency do for you?

Once a nanny agency has registered a nanny to their site and a family has found their potential nanny, the nanny agency will make every effort to ensure the process is as smooth and straightforward as possible for both nanny and family. They will offer on-going support and be available to answer questions, help with interviews and offer advice regarding nanny contracts and working policies.

What makes a good agency?

There are certain elements that make a good nanny agency and an array of benefits of using them to find the right nanny for you.

A good nanny agency will:

  • Interview perspective clients either by Skype or in person
  • Make all the necessary checks mentioned previously
  • Make every effort to be available for support throughout the process
  • Offer on-going support throughout the nanny placement
  • Offer support and advice when problems and issues arise
  • Be able to be contacted through a variety of means such as telephone and email
  • Be professional and approachable in terms of excellent customer service delivery
  • Have a clear and concise website that potential families and nannies can navigate easily find a variety of information
  • Have information about childcare and other matters such as tips for being, and hiring a nanny

The benefits are:

  • Families can rest assured that the necessary checks have been completed, thus making it safer
  • You can peace of mind knowing most of the work of hiring a nanny has already been completed
  • Families have a good source of advice and support when they require it from an agency that knows and understands the needs of families
  • The agency can help families and nannies build long-lasting relationships to ensure that the working day goes as smoothly as possible
  • The agency can assist with trusting working relationships being built and maintained so that children, nannies and families are as protected as possible
  • The right balance can be found between nannies and families alike, so that any misunderstandings and problems can be as minimal as possible


All in all, a good nanny agency will be easy to communicate with, will be clear on what they offer and will make every effort to find the right nanny for you. They will be available to offer support at every stage of the way and ensure that the placement is as successful as it can be.