WOMEN INNOVATORS AND DISRUPTORS: HOW TO BE REVOLUTIONARYAt the beginning of this month, our founder Paola Diana had the great pleasure of being involved in an inspiring event in London organised by The Women’s Chapter, an invitation-only network for high impact women. Entitled Women Innovators and Disruptors: How to be Revolutionary the evening event which was co-hosted by The Telegraph Wonder Women and took part at high end department store Harvey Nichols, saw keynote speakers Kelly Hoppen, MBE, Julie Meyer, MBE and Anita Barr share their experiences and advice as well as highlight the challenges and triumphs associated with effecting innovation and change at work.

The event began with a champagne reception and 150 professional women had the chance to network with each other before taking their seats to listen to the panel which was led by Telegraph Wonder Women deputy editor Claire Cohen and moderated by The Women’s Chapter founder Michelle de Klerk.

The panelists covered a number of thought-provoking topics including what it means to be revolutionary, the importance of female leaders, and the impact of femininity in business, as well as taking questions from the audience.

Following the Q&A, guests had the opportunity to meet with a secondary panel of inspiring entrepreneurs including Paola, who were on hand to answer questions, give advice and share their experiences about running their own businesses. Other entrepreneurs included: Ramona da Gama, Business Vision and Strategy Coach; Kristina von Oertzen, Founder of myshoppingspy.com; Stephanie Betts, Founder of Josephine Home; and Julia Elliott Brown, Founder of Upper Street.

Paola, said “Never stop dreaming, you can have it all! Believe in yourself and follow your instinct. No matter what other people might say to you. Most of them have no vision, no courage. Most of them are envious and would like to stop you. Don’t let them do that to you; don’t let them steal your dreams. Work hard in order to pursue them.”

All profit from the event was donated to The GREAT Initiative, a charity which works with women and men to challenge gender stereotypes and promote equality at home and abroad.

Written by Kacey: Kacey is a mother of 2 bilingual children who has previously worked as a Nanny and Governess in many high profile families.